Frotcast Bonus: Matt And Vince Review ‘Apollo 11’

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Hello ministry of Frottage! It’s time for your weekly bah bah bah bah BONUSSSSS episode of the Frotcast and boy do we have an absolute banger of an episode for you. This week, Vince took me all the way to beautiful AMC theatres in Burbank, California to watch a documentary called Apollo 11 in IMAX! [It’s coming to CNN at some point in the near future, but why wait for that when you can see it in fabulous IMAX? -Ed] It was like First Man but instead of Claire Foy and Ryan Gosling, we get a 100 foot tall HD Neil Armstrong dorking out about space. At least in this documentary we didn’t have to deal with a dead child backstory, but honestly if I have to watch one more movie about the moon I’m going to start believing in the flat Earth out of spite. Anyway, it’s a lovely movie and an even better podcast episode so please give a good ole listen! [-written by Matt Lieb]

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