Arnold Schwarzenegger Destroys Everyone In The ‘Sabotage’ Trailer

Senior Writer
11.22.13 36 Comments

If you were worried that Arnold Schwarzenegger’s return to acting was going to be all goofball action roles in movies like The Last Stand, Escape Plan and The Expendables franchise, you were probably mostly right. But one exception to that rule appears to be Sabotage, as the Governator’s latest shoot-em-up thriller actually looks like a great movie, as opposed to something we can enjoy ironically.

Directed by End of Watch scribe and director David Ayer, Sabotage looks like a darker, more serious Commando, as Schwarzenegger plays the leader of a DEA team that finds its members being picked off one-by-one after a huge bust that takes down a drug kingpin. The film was written by action scribe Skip Woods, who previously gave us Swordfish, A Good Day to Die Hard and The A-Team, so this could end up being just another body count film peppered with sharp, witty and unrealistic dialogue, but that’s still a million times better than whatever The Last Stand was supposed to be.

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