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That’s right, kiddies, it’s a spy pic from the set of the Arrested Development movie/show (new episodes are set to hit Netflix in March in advance of the movie). An anonymous tipster sent in the picture, and the way the internet eats up anything (ANYTHING) AD related, I thought why not post it? Being the good internet know-it-alls you are, I’m sure you know all about the stair car and how it relates to the show, but just in case you don’t, there’s a whole goddamn wiki dedicated to Arrested Development and the stair car gets its own entry (I’d call it more of a stair truck, but what do I know).

The stair car is one of the few remaining modes of transport available to the Bluth family, and is frequently driven by Michael Bluth.

It was originally paired with the company jet, which was sold off to help deal with the company’s financial woes. It has a large Bluth Company logo on the side.

It has lead a notorious existence, knocking down homecoming banners, (“Queen for a Day“) helping inmates attempt to escape prison, (“Visiting Ours“) and letting people sneak to upstairs windows. (“Shock and Aww“).

I left part of it blurred out because it contains a possible spoiler, and one of the great ironies of the internet is that the same people who eat up every tiny morsel of information about the Arrested Development movie are the same who’d probably complain the loudest about “spoilers.” So, venture no further unless you don’t mind knowing what I imagine is a fairly minor story development. And let’s be honest, who watches a comedy show for the plot twists anyway?

Lucille Austero is of course the character played by Liza Minelli who had a weird crush on Buster. So maybe she ends up buying a piece of the company? Maybe Michael Cera lost half the company in a craps game? Actually, it would probably be Will Arnett’s character. That Gob, always getting the family into trouble! Anyway, I’ll just leave the picture here and you guys can do the speculatin’.

[UPDATE: It looks like some pictures of the Austero-Bluth Stair Car were already going around in various places. I hadn’t seen them before I got this, so it was new to me.]

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