Asylum’s Thor ripoff stars Richard Grieco

The Asylum is a studio (and I mean that only in the loosest sense of the word) that pumps out bad, direct-to-DVD ripoffs of blockbusters (Transformers + The Asylum = Transmorphers), reportedly averaging four months from script to “finished” product.  I don’t quite understand their business model, but it seems to rely on a combination of novelty value and confused grandmas.  They recently premiered the trailer for their latest release, Almighty Thor, and yes, the Norse God of Thunder is royalty free, thanks for asking.  Does it star Richard Grieco and wrestler Kevin Nash?  Does Thor shoot an uzi?  A hearty yes to all those questions.  My favorite part of this is imagining Johnny Depp turning down a 21 Jump Street spinoff back in 1989, with some agent telling him, “Kid! Trust me! You’re throwin’ away your career!  Do you know how much Grieco’s gonna make this year?  Opportunities like this don’t come along every day!”

Opens on the SyFy channel May 7th.  Set your DVRs or whatever.