Attention Shoppers: Benedict Cumberbatch Leggings Are Officially On Sale

All celebrities have their cult followings, but the one that follows Benedict Cumberbatch feels particularly . . . unique. Earlier this summer, friends of mine who I otherwise respect alerted me to a Benedict Cumberbatch coloring book, a toy for grown adults with excess leisure time/unemployment benefits. Now, fashion label Poprageous has released their own line of Benedict Cumberbatch leggings and shirts with the following copy:

“You Cumberbitches asked for it…so here ya go! The flawlessness that is Benedict Cumberbatch all over yo bodeh <3”

The release is timely, as Cumberbatch’s The Imitation Game heads to the Oscars with seven kinda undeserved nominations. But who are these Cumberb*tches? Did they grow up in Compton? Why do they talk like they’re at some mid-nineties mid-level Miami club?

According to Yahoo! Movies UK, the leggings will be retailed for $80.00 dollars and are sweatshop-free. Given Cumberbatch’s level of celebrity at the moment –  fake names, photobombs, and ten thousand unbearable links my cousin sends me – my hunch is that they’ll do well.

Cumberb*tch leggings join a line called “All Hot Boys Leggings,” which includes the likes of Leonardo DiCaprio, Johnny Depp, Ryan Gosling, One Direction, and others. If you have a moment, and feel like feeling uneasy, I recommend you check it out.