Austin Powers’ convicted gun rapist killed his cell mate (*allegedly*)

You may have already seen this story on Huffington Post or TMZ because they reported it before any facts were in, but it actually originated from a tip to’s underground forum. It seems Joe Son, convicted gun rapist and former Austin Powers actor, may have killed his cell mate. This just in, Joe Son: not a great dude.

Here’s the original tip, the basic facts of which have since been confirmed in a

Ex UFC fighter, Joe Son has murdered his cellmate. While serving a life sentence for gang rape, Joe Son has been attacked several times by other inmates who do not tolerate rapists in prison. It has not yet been determined why he killed his cellmate or how.

No troll. Fact: celly found dead. Joe and dead guy only ones in cell together. Guard doing count, sees celly is unresponsive, medical arrives. CPR performed. Celly has trauma to chest area. Pronounced dead. Innocent until proven guilty but looks like he did it. These are the only facts that I have right now. Investigation still in progress since it just happened on Monday around 5:00 pm.”

The press release adds a few additional facts:

The 50-year-old inmate was received at WSP-RC from San Luis Obispo County on June 23, 2011, as a parole violator with a new term for failure to register as a sex offender. He received a 2-year sentence.
Joseph Son, 40, has been identified as a suspect in the case. Son was received at WSP-RC from Orange County on September 16, 2011, on a life sentence with the possibility of parole for torture. [via CagePotato]

This is just getting out of hand at this point. Something needs to be done. I mean, I can understand concluding that Joe Son wasn’t a danger to anyone after seeing one of his UFC fights, but at this point, he’s raped one and possibly killed another. How much more evidence do you need? At the very least, lock him up with other sex offenders so that at least if he kills one of them, it’ll just be some sex off– what’s that? You say you already did that? Oh. Well, uh… carry on then.

You know, prison is starting to seem less than cool.