Australia’s Karl Stefanovic interviewed Arnold and it was delightful

Here at FilmDrunk HQ (which is like giant ball pit filled with kitty cats and whiskey), we’re big fans of Australian morning TV host Karl Stefanovic. Karl is a comedic genius. Some of his greatest hits include telling a pizza joke to a confused Dalai Lama (“d’ya knoy what oy mean?”), doing a spot-on impression of Miley Cyrus’s awful voice (“heow annoying wid she be ta live with, seriouslay”), playing a Wii curling game that looked a loooot like masturbating, and doing a segment with a guy casting a fishing line ostensibly to catch sharks, who ended up hooking a duck instead. Karl has taken the inherent awkwardness of the fluff morning show format and elevated to a level of, dare I say, art. He’s just one more reason the land of convicts and gravy is a great place to live, in addition to all the drinking.

The other day, Karl interviewed Arnold Schwarzenegger, and I use the term “interview” loosely, because he basically just shouted as many of his favorite Arnold quotes at Arnold as he could, which seems like exactly what any FilmDrunkard would do in that situation. And it was awesome, because there’s nothing Arnold loves as much as talking about Arnold. He takes such pride in lines from his movies you’d think they were quips he came up with himself on the spot, and I’m not convinced he doesn’t actually think that. It’s beautiful to watch.

This is like the more polished version of that old Chris Farley Show sketch where Chris Farley would just ask celebrities “remember that time you did ____? …That was awesome.”

“Remembah that toime in Predatah when you were loike, ‘Get to da choppah!’? …Yeh, that was brilliant. Anyway, good on ya, Ahnuld, thanks fa comin’ on me show.”

The best part of this interview is that it was supposedly about an education summit.

Thanks to Chris for the tip.