Avastar: The 'Avatar' Themed Discotheque (Your Morning Links)

This guy comes across as a wannabe Guy Ritchie mobster. Not quite SFW for erotic Avatar paintings. [via Videogum]

Director Bob Ray of Total Badass explains the saga behind the I Am A Lawyer! commercial |Frotcast|

Review: Seeking a Friend for the End of the World |Film Drunk|

No One Will Ever Believe You Colored In The Bill Murray Coloring Book |UPROXX|

That’ll teach Grandma. [via FckYeahDementia]

Discussion: What Are You Watching This Summer? |Warming Glow|

Strip Club Television: Miami’s King Of Diamonds Gets A Reality Show |Smoking Section|

These Porn Stars Have To Pleasure All Of Their Twitter Followers Now |With Leather|

A Compendium of Cool Comics Cosplay: June 22nd |Gamma Squad|

James Marsden (Cyclops) Got This Pregnant |TheSuperficial|

27 Images That Will Make You Feel Better About Being A Sweaty Mess |Buzzfeed|

5 News Stories That Sound Like Horror Movie Plots |MentalFloss|

15 Comedy Docs Worth Watching On Netflix |HuffPost Comedy|

7 Undercover Operations In Movies Gone Horribly Wrong |ScreenJunkies|

If Life Had An Airplane Safety Manual |College Humor|

Groomsen Pic of the Year |Daily What|

Authors who hated the movie versions of their books |Fark|

Kelly Brook Likes The Ponies |IDLYITW|

The 15 Most Badass Female Pixar Characters |Pajiba|

Eight Movies That Make Me Want To Be A Teenager Again |Unreality|

So… Paris Hilton’s First DJ Performance Happened |Brobible|

Famous Musician Mug Shots |Guy Speed|

The Top Ten NHL Draft Busts |Gunaxin|

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