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After the jump I’ve got a brand new featurette from Avatar in HD showing a bunch of new footage, along with a bunch of screencaps I’ve helpfully taken so that you don’t have to watch it.  I want to praise this movie, I really do, only I can’t get a word in because everyone involved is too busy praising it themselves. Here are some of the best, totally-not-hyperbolic statements from the video:

“He’s taking you on a journey, and it’s just beyond words.”

“We were creating an entire world from scratch.”

“It just doesn’t have a precedent.”

“One thing I’m always going to take with me from this is that I was a part of a revolutionary experience.” [*puts on Che shirt*  Righteous, man, righteous. *smokes clove*]

“We’re always trying to push the envelope.  This time we were trying to push the envelope, and it pushed back.  And then we pushed harder.  And it took a long time.”  [Push harder! I think I see the head!]

“It doesn’t look like anything you’ve seen before.” [*cough* Ferngully! *cough, cough*  Also – it’ amazing that the aliens wear baseball caps and have beads in their hair. I’ve never seen anything like it.]

“It’s not just a movie, it’s a universe.”

Of course it is.  You guys created a whole universe.  When you think about it, you’re better than God. Because God’s boring old universe didn’t have neon cat people, did it.  Hey, you guys wanna see my impression of everyone involved with Avatar?

That’s right, Avatar = cow drinking milk from its own udder.

[cow video via angryclam.com]

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