Watch the Alternate Opening Scene of The Avengers

The Avengers hits DVD/Blu-Ray September 25th, and Marvel has released an alternate opening scene from the movie online.

This version opens 48 hours after the Avengers save New York City from an alien attack. In it, Agent Maria Hill is being interrogated regarding events that brought a city to its knees, with all-too-brief cameos from Captain America and the Hulk. It’s a pretty solemn opening, and we can see why it wasn’t used, though along with the short Item 47 it at least gives us a taste of how New York City carried on in the days following the attack. []

Yes, how did the city carry on after a giant robot space worm jizzed flying demon bikes all over it? That was my first thought when I was watching it – the flying battleships are great, but what of the human cost?! This opening scene is a fascinating look at how blah blah something something is the Hulk smashing stuff yet? No? Okay, bye.

They should’ve had some guys eating lunch in the wreckage to show that, like, life goes on and stuff.