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06.24.08 37 Comments

At this point, not much is known about Tyrannosaurus Rex, the project for which Rob Zombie recently released this poster on his MySpace page.  So far we know:

– It opens in 2009
– The tagline is brilliant
– Danny Trejo is in the running for the lead

[via JoBlo

UPDATE: Thanks to a tipster to QuietEarth, we now have a synopsis: "it’s about a wrestler named Tyrannosaurus Rex who is on the run from a biker gang from hell. The idea for the film is loosely based on the comic book Zombie did with Steve Niles (30 Days of Night) entitled THE NAIL." Here’s the synopsis for the comic: Hunted in one of the most desolate regions of America, preyed upon by an evil that does not sleep, Rex Hauser is The Nail – and it’s time he took a stand. A semi-pro wrestler, Hauser has been touring the country performing at small-time arenas until the fateful night he and his family run afoul of a bloodthirsty gang of Satanic bikers stalking the North Dakota Badlands. Now he’s a lone man fighting for the survival of his loved ones in a no-holds-barred standoff against the forces of Hell itself! The Nail is a relentless, unflinching portrait of the heart of darkness, and what one man will sacrifice to hold it at bay. -Thanks to Robo for the tip

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