Awesome Supercut Alert: Every Movie Reference in The Simpsons

Our friends at NextMovie just sent over this supercut, a compilation of every movie reference from The Simpsons seasons 1 through 5. Early Simpsons being my most treasured of pop-culture references, I pre-assumed that it’d be post worthy. But why only seasons 1-5? Then I turned on the supercut, and it was 19 minutes long. Only a couple minutes short of being a full Simpsons episode in its own right. Turns out, The Simpsons had a whooole lotta movie references, even more than you thought. It might be a much shorter supercut to compile the Simpson’s moments that don’t reference a movie somehow. And yes, I loved all 19 minutes of this.

This should prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that everyone on that writing staff was a huge movie dork.

“Do you have anything in there that wasn’t brutally slaughtered?”

“I think the veal might’ve died of loneliness.”


“But this says ‘Works on contingency, no money down.'”

“Aw, they got this all wrong. It was supposed to say ‘Works on contingency? No, money down.'”

Sorry, I know those were neither here nor there, but I couldn’t go this entire post without at least a couple Simpsons references. Aw, it’s like I understand pop culture nostalgia for the first time. It feels all squishy.

[Via NextMovie. See Also: Terminally Ill Simpsons Co-Creator Donating Entire Fortune to Charity. Long live The Simpsons.]