11.13.09 8 years ago 21 Comments

When it comes to bringing out the awkward and uncomfortable and skeeved out in interview subjects, no one touches MTV Movies Blog. It’s been a while since we’ve had one of these, but Steven Seagal was probably my favorite.  This week they spoke to John Cusack and Amanda Peet.  While Peet comes off down to Earth and eminently cuddleable, John Cusack IS IN NO MOOD FOR YOUR SH*T, BUDDY.  I realize they’re on the tour for 2012 so he’s already on the defensive, but he treats the interviewer’s cardboard boombox prop from Say Anything as if it’s a live rattlesnake.

Granted, there doesn’t seem to be any actual question other than, “Hey, check out this boombox,” but still, Cusack acts like he suspects he’s being made fun of and all this is highly irregular.  Hey, John. This is 2012 we’re talking.  No one’s gonna ask you about your character. “Tell us about Jack Curtis. Why’s he always running from supervolcanoes?”    He comes off like a prick when all he really had to do was smile and play along.  Next time, and this goes for Cusack and all actors on silly press tours out there, just ask yourself one simple question: What would Paul Rudd do?

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