Baby Goose will get Steve Carell’s groove back, girl

Hey, girl, this is the trailer for Crazy, Stupid, Love, teaming Baby Goose with Steve Carell.  Haha, relax, girl, it’s just a title.  I don’t think love is crazy or stupid.  This time around, Steve Carell plays a schlubby, middle-aged divorcee, and Baby Goose plays the womanizing ladies man who helps him get his groove back.  It’s a bit of a stretch for me, girl, because in real life, I’m more of a kitties man.  If I want to help someone find their groove, all I need is my Jansport full of Swiss Miss and a Raffi tape.  Acting!  Haha, I love you, make believe.

/baby goose off

Holy sh*t, is this supposed to be a parody?  How many flaccid rom-com clichés could we squeeze into one trailer?  Besides the plot itself, we’ve got the trying-stuff-on-montage while the cool character nods or shakes his head, the Girl Who Changes Everything for the womanizer, the precocious random kid who gives spot-on love advice, the divorced couple that falls back in love (because that always happens…), the Marisa Tomei-nurses-a-broken-guy-back-to-health… Did I miss any?  How was this directed by the guys who did Bad Santa? I hope there was a buttf*cking scene they had to cut out, because otherwise this looks terrible.

[opens in July, HD trailer available at Apple]