Baby Joker is creepy as hell (and morning links)

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12.29.11 6 Comments

Finally, a doll that will haunt my nightmares. He’s just so… matter of fact. More info at HolyTaco.


Topical pick-up line: Aww yeah, girl, I’mma make you scream like a North Korean mourner. |Uproxx|

Rowles offers your suggestions for Netflix Instant, Youtube, and Amazon Instant. NERDS! |WarmingGlow|

People are butthurt about Drew Brees breaking the passing record, for some reason. |WithLeather|

Funny/Sexy/Awesome cosplay of the week. |GammaSquad|

25 celebs Playboy should’ve spent a million bucks on. |TheSmokingSection|

Lindsay Lohan gets paid to party on a yacht for New Year’s. Must be nice, whore. |TheSuperficial|

Favorite supercuts of 2011. I like the one on Wilshire. |Videogum|

The 20 weirdest news stories of 2011. |MentalFloss|

There will be no Friday in Samoa this week. |TheDailyWhat|

The original Aunt Viv from Fresh Prince hates Will Smith. |DAPSWebsite|

Deer breaks into home on Christmas. |Buzzfeed|

The 7 most awkward sexual encounters in film. |ScreenJunkies|

The Worst Mens Hair Fads of All Time |Guyism|

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