Nice Farrah Abraham Headline, TMZ

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10.22.13 49 Comments

Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom star and avid squirter Farrah Abraham went on a walk with a boy recently. That was pretty much the whole story (and the pictures seem pretty obviously staged for the paparazzi’s benefit). Except TMZ chose to deliver it with the delightful headline “There’s a new man knocking on my backdoor.”


I love that they wrote it in the first person, as if Farrah Abraham herself had just finished typing it, still out of breath from skipping around the neighborhood in a sundress, scattering pansies from a wicker basket. Gather round, everyone! I’ve been having ever so much anal sex lately? Isn’t it just divine?

Seems James Deen may have a brand new eskimo brother … a guy named Brian Dawe … ’cause it appears B.D. is now dating “Backdoor Teen Mom” Farrah Abraham.

Dawe and Farrah were pictured on a romantic-ish stroll in Florida a few days ago — with Farrah’s child nowhere in sight.

Dawe has a website — and says he’s a DJ… [TMZ]

Of course he’s a DJ (do they even make dudes from Florida who don’t DJ?). Of course they were in Florida. Of course TMZ used an anal reference from the Led Zeppelin era and the term “Eskimo Brothers.” Everything about this is so damned perfect I could squirt.

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