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Michelle Owen of Indiana was worried that her boyfriend had used her computer to search for child porn [note to FBI word search computer: these are not the droids you’re looking for].  So like any responsible citizen dating a suspected child molester, she took it in for the police to examine.

…but her plan backfired when cops discovered two videos of her engaged in illicit acts with a dog [sad trombone sound]. Owen, 24, was charged last week with two felony bestiality counts in connection with the video files, which a detective found in the laptop’s “recycle bin.” At the time Owen asked cops to search the computer, she was locked up in the Johnson County Jail on a public intoxication charge (which violated the terms of her release in a prior drunk driving case). According to a police affidavit, a copy of which you’ll find here, a cop told Owen that he had found videos of her on the laptop and asked if she “knew what those files might be.” Owen replied, “The one with the dog.” Cops believe that the dog in question, Toby, is a beagle. After asking if she was “going to be charged with this,” Owen said that the videos “were just something she did when she was drunk and barely remembers it.” [thesmokinggun]

I can understand arresting her if she was a dude, but for a female it seems harsh – the mechanics of dog f–king would seem to imply that the dog was a willing participant.  Unless she was hammering the beagle from behind with a strap-on, in which case, damn, this bitch really knows how to party.  Sidenote:  “The Mechanics of Dog F–king” would be an awesome name for an intramural softball team.

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