Bam Margera went to Iceland and made the worst video ever

If there was ever any doubt that Bam Margera was the least likable of the Jackass crew (a generally pretty likable crew, otherwise), let his latest music video buttsquirt that doubt or whatever. Set in Iceland with a naked dancing Icelandic stripper (I assume), Bam raps about how he wants to bend his dick to his ass (“so I could f*ck myself”) over some awful dub-step wub-wubbage. Uh, okay. He wears his usual collection of obnoxious clothes and pees in his own mouth like a monkey, high level satire. As always, his whole “I don’t even care, bro, I’ll make a music video about f*cking my own butt where I pee in my mouth because I don’t care so hard” attitude is undercut by the fact that he’s wearing about 26 different articles of clothing. Astronauts could get dressed faster. Is that a big part of his obnoxiousness, or is it everything else? And serious question, is this the worst song ever recorded?

(NSFW for brief nudity and mouth pee)

Poor Iceland.

[hat tip: Videogum]