CORRECTION: Bane’s voice NOT remixed — your near-daily Dark Knight Rises update

One of the things about January-February is that it’s the time of year when studios dump all their movies no one gives a crap about, thus we have plenty of time to speculate wildly about summer movies even though they won’t be out for six months. Case in point, yesterday, I reported a Collider story based on a tip from an insider, saying Bane’s unintelligible dialog in the Dark Knight Rises prologue (note: not the trailer, in which he’s pretty easy to understand), had been remixed, lowering the background noise and making it easier to understand.  Which seemingly would’ve been in line with what director Chris Nolan had said about it, that the plan was to alter the sound slightly, but not rework it altogether.

But now Collider has recanted their original story after speaking with IMAX and Warner Bros, who both confirmed that the sound mix has not been altered in anyway. (One of my Twitter followers saw the prologue last night, and reports that Bane is still all but impossible to understand). Meaning, I guess, that someone emailed Collider a fake story to screw with them. Because people do that? Dude, I don’t even… .

Now, let’s never speak of this again.