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03.04.10 20 Comments

In Barry Munday, Patrick Wilson, aka Watchmen‘s Nite Owl, plays… uh… Barry Munday, a guy who lives for the smell of the sweet poontang, until one day, the father of a potential conquest beats his ass with a trumpet and he loses his testicles.  Pretty sweet premise so far, right?  I thought so.  You might think he’d be fine without his balls if he still has a wiener, but the truth is, the wiener’s pretty much useless without the balls.  They’re so big and ugly, but they do all the work.  When you think about it, they’re kind of like the offensive lineman of the genitals.

The twist is that he finds out he knocked up Judy Greer before he lost his testicles.  It’s a shame she isn’t playing herself, because it seems like her having a guy with no testicles around would be handy for when she has to take him to go see all those Katherine Heigl movies where she plays the kooky friend.  Anyway, Barry Munday plays at SXSW this month and it looks funny.  Now leave me alone.

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