Batmobile spotted in New York!!!!11ONE!!11

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09.08.10 17 Comments

Inevitably, someone is going to try to pass off these new Batmobile pictures as “OMG it’s the new Batmobile from Batman 3, lol!”  Much like this guy, who even went to the trouble of titling his video “Official Batman 3 Batmobile filming in Astoria.”  Never mind that this ridiculous hunk of plastic looks more like Joel Shumacher’s rejected concept art (“nope, doesn’t match the bat nipples”), or one of George Lucas’ racecar beds than anything Christopher Nolan would ever put in his movies. 

Well relax, because it’s from the set of the Russell Brand remake of Arthur, currently shooting in Astoria, Queens.   Here’s Russell Brand standing next to it.  The car almost makes his facial bone structure seem tasteful by comparison.  Anyway, my favorite shot is of the hipster standing next to it, trying to look unimpressed:

"I moved to Astoria last year. Williamsburg just got too corporate, you know?"

UPDATE: My apologies, this was the actual batmobile used in Batman Forever (the Val Kilmer one).  See? I knew it looked Shumachery.



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