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   They’re cousins, identical cousins all the way.

Battle: Los Angeles is an aliens-vs-humans movie starring Aaron Eckhart and Michelle Rodriguez.  The majority of the scenes are being shot in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.  *record scratch*

It’s not unusual to film in a state that offers bigger subsidies and interest-free loans, but trying to substitute Baton Rouge for L.A. is just ballsy as hell. This isn’t a subtle change of setting like Gran Torino, which was set in the large Hmong community of Minnesota but was filmed in Michigan, a state that offers up to 42% in subsidies toward production costs.  Michigan was also, according to Clint Eastwood, “less gooky“. 

If Battle: Los Angeles becomes a series, I look forward to these future installments:

  • Battle: Salt Lake City (filmed in Detroit)
  • Battle: Miami (filmed in Reykjavik)
  • Battle: Compton (filmed in Tokyo)
  • Battle: Machu Picchu (filmed in Des Moines)
  • Battle: Calcutta (filmed at Diddy’s house)

~ robopanda [Sources: The Economist and WBRZ News]

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