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06.19.09 38 Comments

(Michael Bay’s keyboard.  Ctrl-Alt-BOOM to restart. via JoshuahBearman)

I hinted at the possible unreliability of the “Michael Bay is retiring from Transformers” story yesterday – t’s always suspicious when they quote someone without saying when, where or how they talked to him – and now it looks like the story was mostly made up.  Said Bay on his official message board


Love press how they spin. Never said it – just wanted a vacation is more to the point. And no I don’t read the good or the bad reviews.

I’m not sure who “Hah” is, but anyway, there you have it.  This was the response from the Bay superfans:

yey mr bay is still doing it XD thank u mr bay u are the best its like we can all wait 1 more year just means we will be more pumped to see it
Why is everyone worrying about part 3 when they haven’t even seen part 2 yet anyway??
because 2 is goind to be bigger and better than the 1st one and number 3 will be even better as technolagy grows
i agree with ya michael.. why read them it’s just their opinion
us fans should be the ones who should really give the reviews, when you take your vacation take it some where nice like the caribbeans
Early in his career, Michael Bay used to read reviews, but he got so tired of all the ambiguity that now he just has his assistants sum them up with an emoticon.  Michael Bay: King of the flipper people.

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