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Kirk rushed in to save the burning building when God presented him with a dilemma: across the street, a sale on sweaters.

Kirk Cameron’s movie Fireproof opens today, I’d assumed at a handful of places in the Southeast where they normally play bingo and have swap meets. But as it turns out:

[Fireproof] is playing in 830 theaters, more than double their last movie. According to movie ticketing site, Fireproof is accounting for 41% of ticket sales, far outpacing Shia LaBeouf’s Eagle Eye.

41% of all ticket sales.  Holy shit.  Literally.  Oh, and don’t think the fact that the movie’s not out yet has kept it from spawning a bestseller.

In the movie, Cameron’s character tries to save his marriage by following advice in a book. After early church screenings, the Kendricks were inundated for requests for the title, which didn’t exist.
“So we sat down and wrote the book,” Alex [the pastor at Cameron’s megachurch who directs and finances his movies] says.
The Love Dare
has shipped more than 300,000 copies. “All we wanted to do was make a movie that honored marriage, and how faith can restore it,” Alex says. “It has struck a chord I don’t think anyone expected.” [USA Today]

“My husband was a useless, disgusting pile of flesh incapable of satisfying a woman in any way,” said Allison Whippleplow after an early Fireproof screening, “We were on the brink of divorce, but the thought of burning in hell for all eternity really put things in perspective.”

I know I say this as a single man, but staying married is the least sexy love dare ever.  When I think “love dare”, I think “just the tip”, or “pretend it’s big this time”.

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