Bears speaking Italian

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03.16.11 7 Comments

That’s incredible, the little one even has a gold chain. |via NickHolmes|


Mega Gallery: 50 Animals Ready To Rally For St. Patrick’s Day. |Uproxx|

What’s New In Greed? |Uproxx|

The Dugout: With Leather. |WithLeather|

Snooki to “fight” at Wrestlemania. |WarmingGlow|

Doctor Who Teaser and Deleted Scenes. |GammaSquad|

Whoa, Nate Dogg is dead?  Hopefully all Doggs go to heaven. (*dodges tomato*) |TheDailyWhat|

The 2011 douchebag tournament begins. |HolyTaco|

The greatest action hero of all time bracket. |ModernMan|

This kid just rewrote the Bar Mitsvah rule book. |BostonBarstoolSports|

Nine people who could replace Gilbert Gottfried as the Aflac duck. |ScreenJunkies|

Check out the sand bra, the hand bra’s sluttier cousin. |GorillaMask|

Oh dear God. Ke$ha in a bikini might be worse than her music. |TheSuperficial|

Here’s princess whatserface to cleanse your palate. |WWTDD|

Basset hounds running.  Amazing. |Buzzfeed|

Playmate Sara Underwood is… Bustice. |G4|

Red Riding IN the Hood. |NextMovie|

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