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05.04.09 7 Comments

Remember that Black List?  The list of the best unproduced screenplays I mentioned the other day? Ben Stiller has signed on to direct one of them, Mark Friedman’s Help Me Spread Goodness

…about a Chicago banker who gets swindled in a Nigerian Internet scam.  While the project is meant to be entertaining [thank goodness, I couldn’t take another one of Hollywood’s deliberately boring think pieces. –Ed], it sheds light on current issues in Nigeria and other African countries, fitting the Participant Media mandate to make films that compel social change.
Timing of when Stiller helms the film depends on the progress of “The Trial of the Chicago 7,” the Aaron Sorkin-scripted drama that Stiller took over after Steven Spielberg exited as director. [Variety]

Well sure, the old internet-scam-as-lead-in-to-African-politics plot device.  It’s just like those old Sally Struthers commercials, about how you can sponsor an African child for just two boner pills a day.  Oh Ndugu, how happy he looks!  …In related news, I think I saw a production of this your sister was in.  She played Goodness.

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