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03.20.08 26 Comments

These are the first pictures of Benicio Del Toro as the Wolf Man in director Joe Johnston’s upcoming remake, The Wolf Man.  Makeup artist Rick Baker described the three-hour process:

The part that covers his nose and his brow is what we call an appliance. It’s made up of a foam, latex piece with tissue-thin edges that covers part of Benicio’s face and blends into his own skin. Then we have a wig and dentures that change his teeth into the giant Wolfman teeth. Most of the hair on his face is what we call ”laid.” It’s actually loose hair that we apply little bits at a time with glue to his face. It’s very much the way the Wolfman was done in the [1941] original [starring Lon Chaney]. [EW]

In addition to his extensive makeup, Gary Busey was brought in as a creative consultant to teach Del Toro how to realistically devour live animals.  (I know, too easy, right?)

[Thanks to ‘RoboPanda’ for the tip]

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