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01.19.09 32 Comments

It’d been a few years since I’d seen Forrest Gump when I saw Benjamin Button, and it was still impossible not to notice the similarities.  The case that screenwriter Eric Roth plagiarized himself is even more damning with the evidence presented side by side in this video, which calls Button “exactly like Gump, except, no AIDS”.  Though it did have Hurricane Katrina, which is basically the new AIDS. If you ask me, the biggest mistake of Button was not getting this guy in there somehow.  Don’t get judgy, you know your ass would’ve been stealing beer too.

UPDATE: Says commenter “Orca-fat”: “Umm, Forrest Gump wasn’t from Louisiana. He was from Alabama. He played football for the Crimson Tide. I know all those ignorant red-staters are pretty much the same, like everyone with skin darker than mine, but the video emphasizes ‘raised in Louisiana’ and ‘New Orleans voiceover’ when the question of home state is possibly the only actual difference between the two movies.” Good point. I probably should’ve caught that.

[via /Film]

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