Frotcast: Best of the Frotcast 2013!

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Yes, Virginia, there is a Frotcast! It’s been a great year here in the Frotquarters. We managed to not get killed by Juggalos (yet), Ben beat cancer, Laremy got Bell’s Palsy, and Matt Lieb got choked out by a girl and discovered Quicksand Porn. Until now, we had no way of celebrating these milestones. At least, not until, unprompted and unsolicited, our new MVP listener (MVL?) Token created this Best of 2013 Frotcast, with all your favorite Frotcast bits from 2013. Well, all of his, anyway. You’d be amazed at how much we benefit from a little editing. Segments include:

  • Jim Belushi is the master of his vehicle
  • Justin Halpern’s interrupting dog and baby
  • Alison Stevenson’s toilet condom.
  • The 10 Rules of Christian Dating
  • David Gborie hates Vince’s bandanna
  • Ben’s trip to the sperm bank
  • Matt Lieb discovers quicksand porn
  • The Mormon name spelling bee

The quotable Bret:

“There’s very little cake in bat cake. It’s mostly bats and scaffolding.”

And much, much more. If there’s a Frotcast virgin in your life who you want to introduce to the Frotcast, this is a great place to start.

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Shout out to Chef Seth.