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02.26.08 127 Comments

The Signal is a horror-comedy about a mysterious transmission that turns everyone who sees it into killers.  This is only noteworthy because two people got stabbed at a recent screening.

Just before people started running out in a panic, two men sitting in separate areas of the [Fullerton, CA] theater were randomly stabbed by an unknown man, [Police] said. "He started stabbing at the theater seat and then he stabbed the victim," Basham said. "As he fled, he stabbed another victim sitting near the exit."

Holy crap.  Best promotion ever? 

One man suffered a stab wound to the arm, which punctured into his chest and was taken to UCI Medical Center in Orange. The other man was also stabbed in the arm and taken to St. Jude Medical Center. Both are expected to survive. The attacker, who is believed to have been kicked out of the theater earlier, escaped. [Source]

Yes, Fullerton theaters are infamous for their draconian "No Stabbing People" policies.  Well, Signal marketing department, color me impressed.  I hope this life-imitates-"art" trend continues and everyone that watches The Happening kills themselves. 

[Thanks to everyone who sent me this] 

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