Sam Rockwell Does The Splits And Parties With Olivia Wilde In ‘Better Living Through Chemistry’

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01.22.14 32 Comments


Sam Rockwell is known for playing disheveled charmers, and no one does it better. But in Better Living Through Chemistry, he plays against type as a dorky, small-town pharmacist named Doug. “He has a cure for everyone’s problems… but his own,” explains the title cards, whackety schmackety do.

Okay, perhaps a little on the nose. But the film stars Sam Rockwell and Olivia Wilde, and it includes them getting high on prescription drugs and Sam Rockwell doing his famous shuffle, so how bad could it be?

I think the message here is that doing drugs will make you cool and help you score with hot chicks (note to children: this is true). The film, from newcomers Geoff Moore an Jeff Posamentier, opens March 14th, and with this cast, I imagine that if it was any good we probably would’ve heard something about it before now. But you never know, and hey, you can never have too many Sam Rockwell dancing gifs.


If I could do this move, I’d be doing it all the time too.


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