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The always classy Hollywood Reporter is running this banner ad below a story about a Benazir Bhutto biopic, and the always classy FilmDrunk is running the above video in response.

Karachi-based Skies Unlimited Films told Pakistani-English newspaper the Daily Times that the film on Bhutto, who was assassinated Thursday, will be made in collaboration with Indian filmmaker Mahesh Bhatt. Pakistani writer-poet Aqeel Ahmad Ruby is penning the script of the film, which is in preproduction.

Aneela Khan, a producer with Skies Unlimited, was quoted as saying that the film’s director "will soon be announced." As for who will play Bhutto, Khan said, "We have not decided yet. It could be someone famous or a completely new face. There are possibilities that some of the scenes would be shot in India, but we are not sure." 

When reached for comment, an Arab who wished to remain anonymous said, "I may plan a suicide bomb attack on the premiere, but I am not sure.  A decision on whether to march through the streets while hitting a giant picture of Bhutto with my shoe will soon be announced."

In related news, "Bhutto" is an anagram for "Butt Ho".  

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