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Jeremy Piven_Malibu

Despite the fact that he’s best known for being on Entourage, I never disliked Jeremy Piven.  I enjoyed his bit part in Grosse Pointe Blank, and even on Entourage, he’s probably the only even vaguely interesting character .  But now we’re free to hate away, because apparently he’s a huge prick.  From a recent (always awesome) Adam Carolla podcast (this part’s about 59 minutes in):

ADAM CAROLLA: There’s so many douchebags in this town.  Can’t we just start calling the douchebags the douchebags?

GUEST DAVE DAMESHAK: Why don’t you?  Start naming names right n–

ADAM: Jeremy Piven.  Every time I say to somebody — photographers, people who set up stereo equipment, hair and makeup people —  “Who’s the biggest douchebag you ever worked with?”  Jeremy Piven.  It just comes flying out of their mouth.  Universally.

DAVE:  It’s amazing! I used to sling drinks in a bar in Evanston where his parents had a theater, and this was like 10 years before anybody new who he was when he was doing bit parts in John Cusack movies, and everybody would go out of their way to say what a terrible person he was.  I’ve never heard anybody say “Oh he’s a nice guy.”

So there you have it, folks, we’re now free to hate Jeremy Piven.  But because I don’t want this site to be all negativity and the cooling spring of hate that washes over my gills keeping me alive, it should also be noted that there’s a similar universal agreement on the best guy in Hollywood.  That’s right, Bruce Greenwood.   I heard Bruce Greenwood was once filming a movie in St. Louis, and he could tell something was bothering the makeup girl.  When he asked her what was wrong, she told him about her daughter’s degenerative heart condition.  Bruce Greenwood was so moved, he shed a tear right there in the empty lot.  Wouldn’t you know it, the next morning a beautiful rose bush, her daughter’s favorite flower, bloomed in that very spot, even though it was the dead of winter.  True story, ask anyone.


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