The Bike From 'Pee Wee's Big Adventure' Isn't Worth Nearly As Much As Once Thought

In the most important follow-up story that I’ll write in the next 60 minutes, the eBay auction for one of the original bicycles used in filming Pee Wee’s Big Adventure finally ended and earned the seller quite a pretty penny. Only four years ago, the seller purchased Pee Wee Herman’s prized possession for $10,000, which was a far cry from the hundred billion, million, trillion dollars that the titular (Pee Wee laugh) hero claimed that his bike was worth in the film, before instigating an argument that would drive millions of children to schoolyard fistfights for years to come.

But for such a short investment, seller “usmc_vet1008” – I think he’s into online gaming – made a hell of a profit for his growing family, as the bike ending up selling for a whopping $36,600.

Keep in mind, the buyer could have bought any number of cars for that much money, or perhaps even invested it for his or her future once the dollar finally comes to an end, like my new friends in the comments section at Infowars have told me will soon happen. But it’s like my dad always told me in strip clubs: “If you’ve got the cash, spend it on sex.” In this case, sex is a bike that might have been used in a movie and comes completely disassembled.