Bill Clinton Has a Cameo in Hangover 2

11.15.10 7 years ago 17 Comments

That’s right, Bill Clinton will have a cameo playing himself in The Hangover 2.  While I tend to agree with Todd Phillips that comedy relies on the element of surprise, and it kind of takes the fun out of it to constantly spoil them with gossip columns, by now this news is already all over the web, so the only thing I’d be doing by not posting it is hurting myself.  And if I’m just going to hurt myself, what am I paying these hookers for?  Anyway, Clinton is joining Paul Giamatti and Liam Neeson as yet another famous person with a cameo in The Hangover 2.

Jizz on my dress, TMZ:

Bubba was spotted on the set in Thailand yesterday where we’re told extra security was added for his presence.
Our spies say they saw Bill walk on the set and were told by crew members he was filming a cameo. None of the people we spoke to, however, saw Bill actually step in front of the camera.
Although some people associated with the flick have told us Bill just “hung out,” we’ve now confirmed he did indeed shoot a cameo.
In the photo on the right, you can see Zach Galifianakis and Bradley Cooper riding in a rickshaw — Zach is sporting a shaved head like in the pictures we posted earlier this week.
We’re guessing Clinton did some serious work … on the craft service table. [TMZ]

Haha, the craft services table, get it?!?  Ouch, my sides.  Phew, that was a good one, TMZ.  Let’s see… Thailand, blow jobs, Mel Gibson, Hangover 2… yeah, definitely gonna go with a Bill Clinton-is-fat joke here.  If only we could somehow work in a reference to that hot new MTV VJ, Kennedy…

So, to recap, Hollywood Morality: Angrily demanding a blow job from your wife = unacceptable. Actually receiving a blow job from not your wife = totally cool.

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