Bill Murray is playing FDR. Wait, what?

03.30.11 7 years ago 16 Comments

While Sony’s busy bribing Bill Murray to just read the Ghostbusters 3 script so they can pay him more money, Bill is busy being aloof and not givin a fuuuuh.  It’s kind of his thing.  While Sony talks to his hand, Murray has signed on to play President Franklin Delano Roosevelt in an adaptation of a British radio play. Wait, “British”, “Radio”, AND  “Play?”  And someone listened to this?  Willingly?

Bill Murray has agreed to star as FDR in an adaptation of the British radio play Hyde Park On the Hudson to be directed by Morning Glory‘s Roger Michell. The project, set up at Focus Features and the UK’s Film4, recounts the quasi-incestuous love affair between the president and his distant cousin, Margaret Stuckley, and takes place on the June 1939 weekend that the British King and Queen visited Roosevelt at his upstate New York cottage, in the first-ever visit to America by a member of the United Kingdom monarchy.

The movie will start shooting in July, with a script by Richard Nelson; he adapted his own 2009 BBC radio play. [NYMag]

British people: Even long after the rest of the world has ceased giving a sh*t, they can’t stop talking about their king and queen.  Americans: Can’t stop screwing our cousins. (Canadians: Uh… moose cock?)

I’ll never understand how conservatives can love Ronald Reagan, the kooky movie star who had a personal astrologist, and hate FDR, the guy who cheated on his cousin with his other cousin.

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