Bill Murray Will Be An Oscars Presenter For The First Time Ever This Sunday

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02.24.14 13 Comments

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It seems incontheivable that Bill Murray has never been an Oscars presenter before, but it’s true. Apparently those shrivs at the Academy didn’t deem Stripes and Ghostbusters artistically relevant (RIP, Harold Ramis). But times have changed since Murray became BFFs with Sofia Coppola and Wes Anderson, and now he’s set to become an Oscar presenter for the first time at the Academy Awards this Sunday. Murray presented the Best Picture segment for Lost in Translation back in 2004, but this will mark the first time he gets to present an actual award. Not as cool as doing dishes at a Brooklyn house party, maybe, but we’ll take it.

Here’s the full list, released today:

Amy Adams
Kristen Bell
Jessica Biel
Jim Carrey
Glenn Close
Bradley Cooper
Penélope Cruz
Benedict Cumberbatch
Viola Davis
Daniel Day-Lewis
Robert De Niro
Zac Efron
Sally Field
Harrison Ford
Jamie Foxx
Andrew Garfield
Jennifer Garner
Whoopi Goldberg
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
Anne Hathaway
Goldie Hawn
Chris Hemsworth
Kate Hudson

Samuel L. Jackson
Angelina Jolie
Michael B. Jordan
Anna Kendrick
Jennifer Lawrence
Matthew McConaughey
Ewan McGregor
Bill Murray
Kim Novak
Tyler Perry
Brad Pitt
Sidney Poitier
Gabourey Sidibe
Will Smith
Kevin Spacey
Jason Sudeikis
Channing Tatum
Charlize Theron
John Travolta
Christoph Waltz
Kerry Washington
Emma Watson
Naomi Watts

Everything’s coming up C-Tates, yo.

Anyway, it will be interesting to see how the famously spontaneous Murray handles reading corny jokes off a teleprompter. (Okay, maybe not interesting, per se, but you know what I mean). Will he ignore it and grab Dame Judi Dench from the front row for an impromptu dance number, complete with a dip? My guess, he’ll read it, but he’ll have that glint in his eye the whole time that says he knows how silly it is he’s doing this and that he’s in on the joke with us. Sort of like when he did Garfield, or when he was getting that HJ in Hyde Park on the Hudson. The amazing thing about Garfield was that he managed to convey that glint in his eye solely through voice acting. Bill Murray is magic.

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