Billy Crystal & Bette Midler are wacky grandparents

Senior Editor
09.10.12 11 Comments

Red hot after his incendiary performance as this year’s Oscar host, Billy Crystal is on a hype train that’s never derailing. Here he is in Parental Guidance, playing Bette Midler’s husband and Marisa Tomei’s dad, who rolls into town to show these young whipper snappers how the Greatest Generation did things. He’s sick of your cell phones and your coddling parenting and your TSA pat downs and your hippity hop music. Jeez, this is like an Aaron Sorkin script without the politics. TWITTER ROTS YOUR BRAIN, INTERNET GIRL! YA THINK?!

“Grandpa tells lots of jokes that you won’t get. Just laugh.”

Aw, that’s mean.

Ooh, nut shot in the trailer! Nut shot in the trailer!

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