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03.09.10 23 Comments

After the jump, I’ve got the latest video from Black20, Gaga in Wonderland.  It might not be as good their work on, say, their indescribable New Moon mash up, but it’s still Black20, and those sons a bitches do a fine mash-up.  It’s also better than the actual Alice in Wonderland movie.  Did you guys see that?  When I saw Johnny Depp’s weird little dance at the end, for a second I thought I was watching a Dreamworks cartoon, or Kangaroo Jack.  Ruined my whole weekend. Meanwhile, in YouTube comments:

snowflake387 says: lol wut? is this real or just a f-cking joke?

Tsmith490 says:
Real? Or Fake?
or lemme =3 This
Fake? Or Gay?


*strokes chin* lol wut, indeed, lol wut indeed. *puffs pipe*

Thanks to Oski for the tip

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