Blake Edwards Died

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12.16.10 27 Comments

Legendary director Blake Edwards, director of such films as 10, The Pink Panther, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, Victor/Victoria, and Skin Deep, has died (more thorough obit here). He was 88. No cause of death was listed, but I’m leaning towards BMX joust accident or hangglider crash. Oh wait, here it is, it was complications from pneumonia. Edwards’ wife, Julie Andrews, was by his side. Edwards received an honorary Oscar in 2004 and was said to be working on two Broadway musicals at the time of his death.

I really hate reporting celebrity deaths. It’s depressing, and what am I supposed to say? I’m just some jackass. It’s times like these I feel like we could all use some cheering up, so here’s a video a hydrax riding a tortoise:

Haha, silly hydrax, that’s not a car!

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