Blake Lively gets double teamed by drug dealers

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04.05.12 30 Comments

MTV just released the trailer for Oliver Stone’s Savages, but since that version is region-locked, I’ve got your YouTube copy after the jump.

Oliver Stone adapts author Don Winslow’s best-selling novel into this all-star ensemble crime drama about a pair of peaceful, Laguna Beach marijuana dealers on who are targeted for extortion by the ruthless Mexican Baja Cartel.

Kick-Ass‘s Aaron Johnson plays the Buddhist hippie, and Taylor Kitsch his business partner who conveniently trained as a Navy SEAL. Blake Lively plays their mutual love interest, and Salma Hayek and Benicio Del Toro are the bad guys.

Oliver Stone’s movies are smug and slick and simplistic to the point that they’re basically cartoons, and Wall Street 2 was one of the most hilariously moronic films I’ve ever seen, even funnier because Stone clearly thought he was being so clever. Think Aaron Sorkin as filtered through Kimbo Slice. That said, sex and drugs are his wheelhouse, since he’s basically a pornographer anyway. This should be pretty good, so long as you don’t mind all the characters coming straight from the action movie cliché handbook. “Salma Hayek IS… Dora the Expositora!”

I did enjoy this shot though:

“Don speet on my face and tell me ees raineen, cabrone. I know when ees raineen. For I’m thee rain make air.”


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