Blue Valentine Has A Naughty Poster

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11.11.10 13 Comments

Perhaps the most shocking development in modern movie history, FilmDrunk favorite and admitted cuddlebug Ryan Gosling is starring in a NC-17 movie. Blue Valentine, which is set for a limited release on December 31, received the box office cursing rating because of what some analysts have called a seriously intense sex scene between Gosling and his co-star Michelle Williams. And if you need any evidence of that intensity, check out the incredibly passionate and extreme poster that was just released for the film. Hey girl, don’t worry, I’ll cover your eyes at the naughty parts.

Valentine was an instant hit at Sundance and Cannes this year but the aforementioned gritty and intense sex scene has left the film lingering in NC-17 limbo. However, the always over-the-top and spaztastic Ted Casablanca at E! is up in arms over this rating and I’m worried because I don’t want him to spill his Pinkberry in a fit of rage.

Why should we even see the movie if the poster tells us everything we need to know, Ted?

Because, as you’ll remember, it isn’t sex that scored this flick it’s pseudo X-rating. And that’s why the poster perfectly encompasses the dark and gritty sexiness of the flick.

No nudity necessary—’cause there’s practically no nudity in the movie, either. Is this the weirdest ratings dissing ever, or what?

Dude, chill out, it’s a freaking poster. I just walked by the movie theater next to my office like an hour ago and it has a poster for Megamind up and I didn’t sit there and try to break down how the placement of the characters reflects the mesmerizing diabolical nature of the film’s animated antagonist. Actually, I farted and thought about getting ice cream. I didn’t, though. Hey girl, these rippling abs don’t need any fudge ripple.

A trailer for Blue Valentine awaits you after the jump…

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