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09.18.07 19 Comments

Apparently, this is the new trailer for Postal, the latest movie from crappy director and big vagina haver Uwe Boll (email address

It's what can only be described as a clusterf*ck.  Once when I was in high school, a friend of mine's father drove by a group of us trying to change a tire and said, "Jesus, you look like four monkeys trying to f*ck a football."  I think that's applicable here.

Mainly I just feel bad for Mini Me Verne Troyer.  I thought he was better than that.  His career has really Fred Dursted. 

It's never a good sign when a movie trailer has to scream about how offensive it is in the desperate hope someone will care.  Kind of like the time I jumped out of my van in front of little Miriam Miller and ripped open my trenchcoat to expose the goods, but all she did was shrug and go back to playing hopscotch.  That hurt me, man.  It was months before I could go back to teaching Sunday school.  

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