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01.27.09 24 Comments

Indie studio Cypress Moon has announced plans to make The Story of Bonnie and Clyde.  So who’ll replace Faye Dunaway and Warren Beattie?  Why, none other than Hilary Duff (who I’ve heard of but don’t know why) and Kevin Zegers, a veteran of four Air Bud movies (including Golden Receiver through Seventh Inning Fetch) AND a little film you might remember called MVP: Most Valuable Primate.

Tonya S. Holly will direct the film from her own script, which is a new adaptation rather than a remake of the 1967 classic. Holly began working on the project after reading old newspaper articles about the gangster pair in an abandoned house on her family’s property. [Variety]

That’s funny, I started writing this post after hearing about Tonya S. Holly from a hobo whose underwear I scrubbed clean behind the old planetorium.  Look, we already know you’re making a movie with Hilary Duff, just go ahead and say Wikipedia.  Holly is previously known for her work on When I Find the Ocean, and I shit you not this is the actual DVD cover.

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