Bono And His Famous Friends Are Tired Of Talking About Ebola In This PSA

Bono’s international advocacy organization ONE has recruited some pretty famous people for this new public service announcement regarding the global fight against Ebola. The purpose of ONE is to “raise public awareness and work with political leaders to combat AIDS and preventable diseases,” according to the organization’s website, and the focus of this latest star-studded staredown is to gain 250,000 signatures for a petition that will “tell world leaders it’s time to stop the outbreak now AND build health systems that could stop crises like this from happening ever again.”

Again, I know that from the ONE website, because no one in the PSA actually says anything. Not a word. Matt Damon, Connie Britton, Thandie Newton, Morgan Freeman, Ben Affleck, Will Ferrell – they all just stare at us like we’re the ones that started the Ebola spread. I signed the petition twice just to make sure they’d stop staring me down. Britton made me cry a little.