Bonus Frotcast: Jordan Morris

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12.17.12 6 Comments

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HEY! Monday?! That ain’t no kind of day to be postin’ no Frotcasts! That’s probably what you’re thinking right now. Well, here’s the deal, Jordan Morris from Jordan Jesse Go! (that’s another podcast for those of you unfamiliar – DO NOT DESERT ME!) was in town this weekend, and the rest of the boys were at work, so we recorded a one-on-one podcast. It’s not quite the normal Frotcast vibe you’re used to, but we did get to talk lots about cult movies, Jordan’s favorite and least favorite interview subjects, and getting in early on the whole podcast phenomenon. Definitely not as many jokes or as much horseplay, but we did actually get complete some thoughts. Complete thoughts are probably overrated, but still. A good time was had by all. And by all I mean both. A good time was had by both. I think. Enjoy!

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