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Personally, I think the picture and headline at left need no additional explanation.  But for you apple polishers out there:

    Organizers of [Sex and the City’s New York premiere] event overbooked the 6,000-seat 6th Ave. music hall, leaving bounced fans fuming, some in their Manolo Blahniks [a type of foot covering popular amongst the wealthy and vacuous -Ed.].
    The mostly female crowd surged against police barricades, cursing and stomping in their stilettoes at the cruel turn of events.
    Security officials said up to 2,000 people who had gotten tickets through promotional giveaways authorized by movie studio New Line Cinema were shut out of the 7:30 p.m. screening.
    "They gave out all these tickets just to make a big scene. It’s not right. It’s not fair. I’m very disappointed," said Heather Dispresso, 20, of Long Island who had waited in line for three hours only to be turned away. [NY Daily News]

Yes, it’s unfair when people make big scenes over nothing, isn’t it, Heather. But look on the bright side, it’s better than having the movie turn you into a huge whore and then converting to mormonism.  Elsewhere:

    "I’ve spent five months looking forward to this. I’m angry and frustrated," said Jen Ferguson, 23, of British Columbia, Canada, who was decked out in a black Heve Leger bandage dress and blue satin Louboutin heels.
    Ferguson’s parents bought four tickets for $1,000 from a luxury concierge service, and booked rooms for the family at the Plaza Hotel.

I read in the Bible that every time a rich stupid yuppie cries, an angel gets its wings.

Is it wrong to assume this is God making amends for a Fred Durst movie, an Adam Sandler Lifetime Achievement Award, and Bret Ratner directing Beverly Hills Cop all in the same day?  I’m gonna go ahead and say yes. 

Oh yeah, I also hear the movie sucks

Thanks to Stinky Peet for the tip 

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