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07.27.09 17 Comments

I could tell you why Boondock Saints sucks till I’m blue in the face, but you can’t deny that even 10 years later the film has one of the most rabid cult followings in all of film fandom (Oh my God, bro, Irish dudes kill bad guys and then pray?  It’s like the War and Peace of comically self-important Punisher ripoffs!).  The long-gestating sequel, Boondocks Saints II: All Saints Day, will supposedly have a theatrical release November 1st (I’ll believe it when I see it), and writer/director Troy Duffy premiered the trailer at Comic-Con over the weekend.  Shortly afterwards, /Film was able to capture some reaction footage of the rare species known as the Boondock Saint fanatic in their natural habitat (the state of irrational excitement).  I could ridicule them for their crunchy hair and abundance of man-jewelry, but I sort of respect their willingness to let their freak flags fly.  They’re like the film version of Juggalos.  Duffalos, say.

PS – Anyone else find it weird that the white-looking dude is named Javier and the Latin-looking one is named Brian Sawyer? [more on the film over at /Film]

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