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Boondock Saints was a movie that came out in 1999 and featured a lot of praying and killing people, as praying and killing people were all the rage back then.  The plot dealt with two Irish brothers who did a lot of the aforementioned things, acts which, when combined with gratuitous slo-mo and Willem Dafoe overacting, seemed full of significance if you were really high.  Ten years later we have the sequel, Boondock Saints II: All Saints Day, and as you can see from the red-band trailer below, it has all of the praying and killing of the original, and this time, Willem Dafoe is a chick.  Oh, and it has awesome dialog. “Let’s do some gratuitous violence.”  Seriously, that’s one of the lines.

GRRR, SUNGLASSES AND TRENCHCOATS AND TWO-HANDED GUNFIGHTS!  Hey, Troy Duffy, 1997 called.  It said you can keep the lame clichés, it doesn’t want them anymore.  Put them under your No Fear shirts and goatee trimmer, that way they don’t get scratched.

Opening November 1, be there or whatever.

[via IGN]

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