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09.10.08 25 Comments

Three more lawsuits filed by people from the Borat movie have been thrown out of court.  This time, the suers included the driving teacher and two ettiquette coaches.

U.S. District Judge Loretta Preska noted in her Sept. 3 ruling that all three plaintiffs consented to participating in a “documentary-style movie” by accepting money for their efforts and signing releases that freed the filmmakers from liability.

Presky also rejected in April a defamation suit brought by the businessman whom Borat tries to hug on the streets of New York, determining that the scene was less reputation-killer and more ironic and newsworthy commentary on social mores.

And in February 2007, a Los Angeles judge granted 20th Century Fox’s motion to dismiss a fraud lawsuit brought by two of the boorish-acting fraternity brothers who Borat hitched a ride with in the 2006 film—they claimed that they were plied with booze before signing their release forms—and refused to order the studio to excise their scene from future screenings or DVD editions. [E!/Yahoo]

The driving teacher came off as the most sane person in the entire movie, so I don’t know what kind of damages he could claim. Look, people, suing a documentary for making you look like an asshole is not the way to make money.  If you want to cash in, the best way to do it is just be the biggest asshole you can be and hope you get your own show on VH-1.

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